Monday, January 29, 2007

Darfur Genocide a Fraud proof: Holocaust Museum Inaction

Proof that there IS NO DARFUR GENOCIDE:

If there were really a Genocide in Darfur the Holocaust Museum would -
* Feature Darfur rather than tuck it away in a corner
* Display more than smiling children and pretty women
* Would have a pattern of escalating, self sacrificing actions - civil disobedience, walk outs, shut downs....
* Would lead the world in Civil Disobedience and Direct Action
* Would shame/excoriate the country's Jewish population for criminal negligence

Would the memorial home page for 6 million exterminated in the holocaust look like THIS if 4 million REALLY faced the same fate? Are you kidding? These are people that KNOW how to behave in the face of genocide! They had 10-15,000 STRANGERS RISK EVERYTHING including FAMILY'S LIVES to save them. Oh. If you scroll down and look very closely on their site yes, you will (squint) find two lines dealing with Darfur.

Genocide? Not a chance. If it were genocide it would be front and center for these folks. Wouldn't it?

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