Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Banners springing up??!?": Darfur Genocide a Hoax!

More people in the US "believe" in God than do the people of any other industialized country. Four years into a supposed Genocide, FOUR YEARS, would just now we see "banners springing up??!!?!?!?" (article below)

NO! For the wonderful, humane, SAFE, RICH, God-fearing US people it would look like this in the face of FOUR YEARS OF DARFUR GENOCIDE. Right?

Local groups bring attention to Darfur
Ed Stannard, Register Metro Editor

It’s a genocidal conflict in which 200,000 have died, millions have been forced from their homes, women live in fear of rape and even relief agencies are under attack.

But while the vast, bloody region of Darfur in Sudan hasn’t grabbed most Americans’ attention, the movement to bring peace has percolated among activist and religious groups here. Banners reading "A Call to Conscience," are springing up in front of synagogues and churches.

Lauri Lowell, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, part of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, said the council has been involved in the issue since 2004. "At that point, we were ahead of the curve of what was going on in Connecticut," Lowell said Monday. (link above for full article)

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