Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Japan donated $200,000?!?!?: NO Darfur Genocide

Come on now. If there really were a Genocide in Darfur that allegedly has been raging for four years:
A. Would the wealthy country of Japan donate a measly $200,000 to the cause??!?!!?
B. Would the press make this headline news??!?!?!

A. Japan would be donating millions of dollars and exerting whatever level of influence necessary to end Genocide in Darfur NOW!
B. The "News" would be how incredibly inadequate and inhumane is Japan for such a pittance in the face of Genocide.

No, there is NO GENOCIDE in Darfur.

Full article: Japan donates equipment to help AU Darfur peacekeepers protect children, human rights

"Banners springing up??!?": Darfur Genocide a Hoax!

More people in the US "believe" in God than do the people of any other industialized country. Four years into a supposed Genocide, FOUR YEARS, would just now we see "banners springing up??!!?!?!?" (article below)

NO! For the wonderful, humane, SAFE, RICH, God-fearing US people it would look like this in the face of FOUR YEARS OF DARFUR GENOCIDE. Right?

Local groups bring attention to Darfur
Ed Stannard, Register Metro Editor

It’s a genocidal conflict in which 200,000 have died, millions have been forced from their homes, women live in fear of rape and even relief agencies are under attack.

But while the vast, bloody region of Darfur in Sudan hasn’t grabbed most Americans’ attention, the movement to bring peace has percolated among activist and religious groups here. Banners reading "A Call to Conscience," are springing up in front of synagogues and churches.

Lauri Lowell, director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, part of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, said the council has been involved in the issue since 2004. "At that point, we were ahead of the curve of what was going on in Connecticut," Lowell said Monday. (link above for full article)

Darfur Genocide is a Hoax - Proof: US State Dept. "Concerned?!?!?"

Four years into a reported Gencide in Dafur, if it were real, would the government of the US be "concerned?" Would a government with more force than the rest of the world combined, not have stopped a real Genocide? Would the Sr. US State Dept official be smiling?

There is no Genocide in Darfur.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Darfur Genocide Fairytail: Would Kristof just "Talk" after 4 years?

This man, NY Times Nick Kristof is a nobel prize winning writer - THE LEADING WRITER REGARDING DARFUR. Would a man of that stature and character, if he REALLY believed it were genocide, if he saw that all his previous writing was accomplishing NO END TO A REAL GENOCIDE... WOULD HE JUST CONTINUE - BUSINESS AS UNSUAL??!? (todays article, A Choice for Darfur (by Nicholas Kristof)NEVER. Not such a man. What would he do?

Demonstrate? Resign to draw attention? Hunger Strike at the White House to shame Bush/the country into action? Rally other visible world recognized/ Darfur related figures to whatever heroism was necessary to STOP THE GENOCIDE?

CERTAINLY such a man, 4 years into the genocide that he has witnessed more than any other outsicer, certainly such a man would do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

No, there is no Genocide in Darfur.

Darfur Genocide Hoax: Proof - MA Churches remain moderate

Proof that the Darfur is NOT a Genocide:

Does this look like a Pastor in the face of Genocide? :-) The Rev. Evrol Officer of Christ Church Unity in Brookline rallied his congregation to raise awareness of the Darfur crisis. (JODI HILTON FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE). Of course not.

THIS is what the Church looks like in the face of extreme evil:

Massatchusetts churches have been at the vanguard of working for the people of Darfur.

And how does the vanguard act? Like it is Genocide? :-) Not.

Four years into what has falaciously be called "genocide" these churches at the moral vanguard, these organizations committed to follow Jesus to "lay down [their] life for their brother..." are doing nothing of the kind. Think of what Church leaders have looked like in the face of extreme humanitarian / moral horror. Think of the Civil Rights marches into clubs, rocks, police dogs and fire hoses. THAT is how our church leaders would be behaving if this really were the 4th year of Genocide when all their tentative, conservative, weak efforts to date have acheived nothing - except to kill time and make them feel good.

Words say Genocide. ACTIONS say something much less than genocide is happening. ACTIONS speak louder than words.

It is time for the Churches to come clean. It must be a FRAUD to speak of Darfur Genocide.

Full Article: Many believers focus on Darfur crisis

Darfur Genocide a Fraud proof: Holocaust Museum Inaction

Proof that there IS NO DARFUR GENOCIDE:

If there were really a Genocide in Darfur the Holocaust Museum would -
* Feature Darfur rather than tuck it away in a corner
* Display more than smiling children and pretty women
* Would have a pattern of escalating, self sacrificing actions - civil disobedience, walk outs, shut downs....
* Would lead the world in Civil Disobedience and Direct Action
* Would shame/excoriate the country's Jewish population for criminal negligence

Would the memorial home page for 6 million exterminated in the holocaust look like THIS if 4 million REALLY faced the same fate? Are you kidding? These are people that KNOW how to behave in the face of genocide! They had 10-15,000 STRANGERS RISK EVERYTHING including FAMILY'S LIVES to save them. Oh. If you scroll down and look very closely on their site yes, you will (squint) find two lines dealing with Darfur.

Genocide? Not a chance. If it were genocide it would be front and center for these folks. Wouldn't it?